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Clinical Services

USA Health Industrial Medicine Clinical Services

When accidents happen, we help your employees get the care they need. We treat your employees in an efficient, economical and convenient manner, so they can return to work as soon as possible and you can reduce lost time and disability.

Services Offered

  • Walk-in appointments for work-related illnesses or injuries

  • Treatment by clinical professionals with training and expertise in areas such as trauma, industrial medicine, toxicology and hazardous exposures

  • Communication of results to employers, reporting on employees’ diagnoses, condition and work status

  • Follow-up care from the same medical team or referral to appropriate medical or surgical specialists

  • Complete billing services, through which we handle completion of insurance forms and filing of workers’ compensation claim information

  • Work injury care, treatment and follow-up

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Exams

    • FMCSA/Commercial Driver’s License

    • U.S. Coast Guard

    • Hazmat/Chemical/Exposure Specific Tests

  • Non-DOT Physicals

    • Asbestos

    • Benzene

    • Executive Physical Exams

    • Firefighter/EMS/NFPA-1582 Physicals

    • Fit-for-Duty Exams

    • Hazmat

    • Independent Medical Exams

    • Pre-Employment Exams and Testing

    • Return-to-Work

    • Silica

    • Travel

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